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The Duplicator plugin is a comprehensive plugin that can help you both backup your WordPress website, as well as migrate it to another server, web host, or domain.

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This is a free plugin available to download from the wordpress.org website, or to download and install straight from your WordPress Dashboard.

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Advantages Of The Plugin

This plugin allows for the easy (also comprehensive) backup of you WordPress site. It can be quite difficult to fully backup your WordPress site to include all the pages, posts, image and settings that make your site what it is. With the help of Duplicator, this process is easy and will backup EVERYHTHING where other plugin and procedures don’t’.

This plugin makes the daughting task of migrating your WordPress site to a different web host, a different server, or a different domain very easy. If you have every tried to read how to migrate a WordPress site (do a web search for “how to migrate your WordPress site” and read through the different pages and articles and you will see what I mean) then you will know that this process is very complex, as well as very confusing. This plugin takes the hard work and stress out of migrating your WordPress website.

Disadvantages Of The Plugin

Absolutely none!


The Duplicator plugin is a fantastic plugin that every WordPress website owner should have installed and ready to go. The fact that this plugin is also free is an added bonus. Even if the plugin wasn’t free, I would encourage all my clients to purchase it, that is how good it is.

For those who have the pugin installed, I would encourage you to use the plygin to backup your site at least once a month (or whenever you add additional content to your site) so that when little glitches occur (and they often do) that you can easily install a previous version of your site and have it back up and running as soon as possible.

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