Google’s New Mobile Friendly Udpate

What Does The New Google “Mobile Friendly” Update Mean For Your Website

As of the 21st of April 2015, Google have started to roll-out their new “mobile friendly” update globally. The latest update will give preference to websites that are optimised for mobile devices in their search results when a search is performed on a mobile device.

Over the past few years, Google have been encouraging website owners to upgrade their websites to be able to respond to the type of screens that they are being viewed on, creating a much better user experience for mobile and tablet users.

If your website is not optimised for mobile devices, then you run the risk of your listing in the Google search results slipping down the rankings, and burying your site deep down in the search results. If on the other hand, your competitors website has been optimised for smaller screens, then their website will be given a boost in the search rankings and may well rocket to the top of the first page of Google.


What Is Involved In Making A Website Mobile Friendly

Depending on the type of website you are currently running (HTML, PHP, CMS), will determine the strategy that needs to be undertaken in order to make your website mobile responsive. Another factors that can influence this process is the quality of the original build of your current site. If you website has been poorly coded originally, then it will require a lot of additional work in order to get it to conform to the Google standards regarding mobile friendly websites.

By in large the majority of websites should only require a moderate amount of “tweaking” in order to get them up to speed, however, the complexity of the site, the quality of the original build, and design and functionality factors can play a role in the overall cost to upgrade a website.

A quality web developer will be able to take your website and add in all the required behind the scenes code so that your website will change it’s appearance to conform to the size of the screen that it’s being viewed on. The text of your site will be enlarged so that it is easy to read on smaller screens, and the navigation menu and all other links on your site will be spaced far enough apart so that they can be tapped without the frustration of tapping another link by accident that is set too close.

A problem with a lot of sites that aren’t optimised for mobiles, is that the site will try to display itself on a mobile screen as it would on a desktop screen. When this occurs, the site is scaled down to a level where it is impossible for visitors to view. A web developer will be able to get your site to display all relevant content in a way that will both look great, and also be extremely easy for the visitor to see, making a much better user experience to be on your site.

Our Recommendations For Going Mobile Friendly 

We recommend that all Sunshine Coast website owners get in contact with a professional web developer and have an evaluation performed on their website. A quality Sunshine Coast web developer should be able to provide you with a report on overall usability of your website on smartphones and tablets, and provide you with recommendations and a quote to bring your website into line with the Google standards for mobile friendly websites.

As always, Pyro Web Design Sunshine Coast is here to help support Sunshine Coast website owners through the process of going mobile friendly. If you would like to know the condition of your websites mobile friendly staus, we are available to provide you with a an obligation free report, recommendations and quote to help you grow into a mobile responsive future.

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Googles New Mobile Friendly Update
With the release of Google Mobile Friendly update, your website can slip down the rankings in the search results. Find out how to make your website mobile friendly and avoid an unwanted loss in page rank.
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