Advertise Your Sunshine Coast Website On Google

Give your website an instant kick-start by taking advantage of advertising your Sunshine Coast business website on Google. Nearly 70% off people searching the internet use Google to find what they are looking for. Advertising on Google is one of the best ways to reach a large number of people each and every day.

Google advertising is an effective, and value for money system that allows you to target your ads to specific people. This means that your ad will only display to people who are the most likely to be interested in what your have to offer. And best of all, you only pay for advertising when someone clicks on your ad!

Benefits Of Google Advertising

  • Increased Sales
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Engage Potential Customers Who Are Already Searching For The Goods And Services You Provide
  • Only Pay For Advertising When Someone Visits Your Site

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How Google Advertising Will Work For You

Google’s advertising service is called Google AdWords. It is a method of placing simple text ads on Google search pages with a link to your website. These ads can be targeted towards only people searching for a relevant search term that matches the types of goods and services that your business supplies. The ads can display 24 hours a day 7 days a week to maximise your exposure to your potential customers, and you only pay Google when someone clicks on your ad, making it extremely cost effective.

With the amount of people using Google at an all time high, a Google advertising campaign can drive potential customers to your Sunshine Coast business and increase your sales. This system is so effective because you target people who are already searching for what you supply, and your ad will be there on the first page of Google, staring them in the face and enticing them to visit your website and take you up on your services.


Our Google AdWords Management Services

Pyro Web Design Sunshine Coast offers a quality, cost effective management service for all your Google advertising needs.  We will set up your ad campaign, manage your budget, target your audience, write your ad text, supply you with reports on how your advertising is performing, and keep you up to date via email on a regular basis. We will also regularly review your ad text and keywords to ensure that your ad is performing the best it possibly can in order to drive business to your website. We have an number of different advertising management plans  available depending on your advertising needs and your budget.

At Pyro Web Design, unlike our competitors, we have no set limit for what you need to spend on your advertising. Other companies state that you need to spend a certain amount in order for them to manage your advertising for you. We understand that Sunshine Coast small businesses have limited budgets and we are happy to manage your advertising for you, no matter what your willing to spend.

We also have a fixed rate fee for managing your advertising. Unlike some of our competitors who will take a percentage of the amount you spend on your Google advertising. This will mean that you will know with 100% certainty what your adverting management costs will be on a monthly basis.

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Targeted Advertising

Once you have decided that a Google AdWords campaign is right for you, and you have contacted us to manage your adverting for you, we will discuss the scope you you would like your advertising to have. If you are a purely local business supplying services to only a limited area, or a business with a much larger scope of distribution, we can then start the process of developing a strategy to best target your intended audience.

Keyword Research & Keyword Targeting

Keywords are the terms that people type into the Google search engine to find what they are looking for. So for example, if you run a carpet cleaning business that services the whole of the Sunshine Coast, then an example of your keywords would be “carpet cleaning Sunshine coast”.  We will research the keywords most commonly used by people to find the goods and services that you offer, and use these terms to target your intended audience.

Geographic Targeting

We can also target ads by Geographic Location. This will mean that your ad will only display to people who live in a certain area. So if you scope of business is only to the Sunshine Coast, we can target your ads so that only people living on the Sunshine Coast will see your ad, no matter what keywords they type into the Google Search engine. This can also save you the added expense of people clicking on your ad from another geographic location who wont be able to receive your services because you don’t offer it to their area. If you scope is a little broader and you wish to offer services to all of Queensland, all of Australia or all of the world, then that can also be set up in your advertising campaign.