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If you’re a Sunshine Coast business owner and have a website to help get awareness of your company out to the Coasts’ population to help increase sales and improve your business success, you might be wondering if there is any way to improve what you already have achieved to become even more successful in the online market. In most cases the answer to this question is an emphatic YES!

Statistics how that only 1 in 8 websites are “responsive” A responsive website is a website that changes its appearance depending on what type of device the site is being viewed on. So for example, a responsive website would know to look a certain way on a desktop PC that has lots of available space to display the entire site’s content, whereas, it would like a different way on a smartphone because the avail be screen size is smaller.

If you fall into the category of a website owner whose website isn’t responsive, then you should carefully read through this article and take on board the benefits of getting your website “mobile ready”.

Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Responsive

Since 2007 and the entry of Apple and Android  smartphones hit the market, the explosion of the general public that owns one of these nifty little devices has been remarkable. And going hand in hand with the introduction of these versatile devices that can quickly and easily connect to the internet, came the introduction of websites that are “optimised” to be able to easily view the information on these smaller screens.

Approximately 85% of smartphone users utilise the web browser functionality of their smartphones to connect to websites around the world. So if your website isn’t optimised for viewing on one of these devices, you are potentially missing out on a massive amount of potential customers who simply find your website un-usable.

The Difference Between A Mobile Ready Website, And On That Isn’t

As the name suggests, a mobile ready website is a site that can be easily viewed on a mobile phone screen. Because the amount of space on the smartphone screen is very limited, it is important that all the content of your site, the images, text and links, can be easily seen, read and tapped on. I’m sure i you have a smartphone and you have surfed the net on it, you will have come across websites that are nearly impossible to read unless you manually re-size the screen to zoom in, and then scroll across the screen to read all the text. This is one of the major reasons why if your website isn’t mobile responsive, you will be missing out on customers simply because your website isn’t mobile friendly. See the images below to get a better understanding between a responsive website, and a non responsive website.

Slide background

Non-Responsive Website

Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background

Fully Responsive Website

As you can see from the images above, the images, text and buttons on the non-responsive website will be nearly impossible to see without manually re-sizing the screen and zooming in. On the other hand, the fully responsive site has been optimised to increase the size of the text for ease of reading, the images have been re-sized so they can be clearly seen, and the buttons have enough space around them so they can be easily tapped. With a mobile responsive design from your Sunshine Coast website, you will never have to worry about visitors not eing able to easily view your site ever again.

How To Upgrade Your Site To Be Mobile Ready

Depending on what type of website platform your current website uses, (regular HTML, or a CMS platform such as WordPress), will determine the steps that need to be taken in order to get your website to be mobile friendly. Here at Pyro Web Design, we not only specialise in mobile responsive websites, we also specialise in helping small businesses develop a web presence for their companies and achieve greater success by tapping into the massive online market. We provide affordable, eye catching and functional websites to our Sunshine Coast customers and provide them with the support and knowledge they need to succeed online.

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Having a website that looks great on all sized screens is an essential part of your online success. A mobile responsive website will increase the number of people that stay on your website who visit your from their smartphone or tablet.
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