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Why Should Your Sunshine Coast Website Be Responsive?

Website desing has come a long way since the days when the only device that was connected to the internet was a boxy old desktop computer. With the explosion of mobile device that are being snapped up and used by nearly everyone in the comunity, it is essential that a website be able to cope with all the different screen sizes that are used to access the internet. if your website isn’t “mobile frindly”, you run the risk of missing out on a hugh share of the market of people surfing the net to find the goods and services that you supply.

If your website isonly built with desktop computer in mind, smartphone and tablet uses will find it extremely difficult and frustration to view the content of your website. They will be requied to manually resize or zoom the screen in order to be able to see what you have to offer. Having a responsive website will make your site more accessable to everyone who visits it.

How Does A Responsive Website Work?

A responsive website is a website that will adapt to the size of the screen that is viewing it. Given that smartphones and tablets have less space where they can display the content of your website, if your website doesn’t tell it to display the site differently, it will try to display the site just like a desktop screen would. It will shrink down the text, images and buttons on the page and fit them on thier very limmited screen size. This will result in everything being virtually impossible to view without manually zooming or scrolling the screen.

A responsive website will change it’s layout and stack everything to correspond with the physical size of the screen. The text of the page will be enlarged so it can be read without zooming, images will adjust to fit on the screen and not interfere with other elements, and buttons and links will be made clearer and easier for people to tap.

What Google Has To Say About Responsive Sites

Search Ranking
Google have stated that website to are mobile frienly and adopt a responsive design framework are more likely to enjoy a higher ranking in the Google search resulst for the keywords that match their goods and services. In a nutshell, if your website isn’t responsive, and your competitors website is, then they are more likely to recieve a higher ranking in any Google search performed for the keywords that you both share.

4 Key Principles To Be Mobile Friendly

 1. Avoid using software that is not supported by mobile devices such as Flash video
 2. Text should be readable without the user having to manually zoom or re-size the screen
 3. The site’s content should fit the size of the screen and not be too large for the screen
 4. Links and buttons should be far enough apart so they are easily tapped by fingers


One Design, Multiple Solutions!


Desktops and Laptops

Desktop and laptops PC’s have a large amount of physical space where a website can be displayed. In fact, most website don’t use all of the horizontal space that is available on the screen which is why you see “white space” on either side of the website content. Making a website look great on a desktop or laptop is easy, it’s only when we get into the smaller screen sizes where the process becomes a bit more tricky.


Tablets and Mini Tablets

Tablets and mini tablets have a lot less available space to display a website. When building a responsive website, the containers that hold the content of the site need to be “flexible” so they can change their widths depending on the device they are being viewed on. by giving the containers a flexible width, and calculating the optimum widths to match the screen size, the website content can shift and move to best fit the screen viewing it.


Smartphones (Apple and Android)

Mobile phones on the other hand have a very limited space where you can fit your content. In the case of building a a responsive website that is mobile friendly, all the content on the screen needs to be able to fit to the available screen space and then “stack” one on-top of the other. The text needs to be enlarged so it can be read, images need to be made to fit properly on the screen, and buttons and links need to be able to be easisly pressed by the visitor.

Upgrade To A Mobile Friendly Website For Your Sunshine Coast Buisiness

Taking the plunge and upgrading your Sunshine Coast website to be mobile friendly and responsive is a decision all Sunshine Coast business owner should make. Not only will it improve the user experience of your visitors, it will help to increase the conversion of those visitors into customers. Whether you have an existing website that you would like to upgrade to a fully mobile friendly responsive website, or you are looking at developing a new site for your business, we are here to support you and make your vision a reality.

We Are Here To Help You Go Mobile Friendly!

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Responsive Website Design
Having your website acceptable to all sized devices is the future of a businesses success online. If your website is not optimsed for mobile phones and tablets, you are missing out on potential customers coming to your website because they can’t easily view your pages. Upgrade your existing Sunshine Coast website to a responsive website to capture all your visitors, no matter what sized device they are using.
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